Nebula or Supernova: Cosmic Mystery Unraveling


Nebula or Supernova: Cosmic Mystery Unraveling

A celestial spectacle has puzzled astronomers.

The nebula Pa 30, visible in the same sky region as a “guest star” observed in 1181, is believed to be the remnant of a rare thermonuclear Type Iax supernova, known as SN 1181.

This supernova is hypothesized to have resulted from the collision and merger of two white dwarf stars, rather than the detonation of a single star.

The featured image combines data from various telescopes, showcasing the nebula’s intricate filaments.

At its center lies a hypothesized “zombie star,” a white dwarf survivor of the cataclysmic explosion.

Further observations and analyses will shed light on this intriguing celestial event.

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