Are Alien Probes Hiding in Plain Sight?


Are Alien Probes Hiding in Plain Sight?

#shorts #short light flashes #artificial object #Advertisement Advertisement #civilisation The Pentagon recently released footage of mysterious metallic orbs and a former intelligence officer testified under oath before Congress about 40 people involved in secret programs dealing with crashed UFOs. So, what does this all mean? Are we finally getting close to finding out if we’re alone in the galaxy? Or are these just a bunch of wacky stories? Well, as an astronomer, I can tell you that there are many ways to search for alien life. One way is to look for artificial objects in our solar system. These objects could be probes sent by an alien civilization to explore our planet. Another way to search for alien life is to listen for radio signals from other stars. But so far, we haven’t found any signals that suggest that there’s intelligent life out there. So, what’s the verdict? Are we alone in the universe? I don’t know. But I’m certainly not giving up hope.

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