Are You Living In A FAKE WORLD? 5 Signs You’re In A Computer Simulation


Are You Living In A FAKE WORLD? 5 Signs You’re In A Computer Simulation

#shorts #computer simulation #bits #universe #physical reality Physicists have long been puzzled by the fine-tuning of the universe for life to exist. A common answer is that we live in an infinite multiverse of universes, but another is that our universe is a computer simulation. The simulation hypothesis is supported by a branch of science called information physics, which suggests that space-time and matter are not fundamental phenomena. Instead, the physical reality is fundamentally made up of bits of information. There is some evidence suggesting that our physical reality could be a simulated virtual reality rather than an objective world that exists independently of the observer. The laws of physics that govern everything in the universe also resemble computer code lines that a simulation would follow in the execution of the program. The nature of our reality is one of the greatest mysteries out there. The more we take the simulation hypothesis seriously, the greater the chances we may one day prove or disprove it.

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