Dogs Without Humans: A Dog’s Day in the Apocalypse


Dogs Without Humans: A Dog’s Day in the Apocalypse

#shorts #dogs #Advertisement Advertisement #dog #Dogs Dogs are our best friends, but what would happen to them if we suddenly disappeared? Well, the 80% of dogs that live independent, free-ranging lives would be just fine. But the other 20% that live in our homes and depend on us for food, shelter, and healthcare would struggle. They would have to learn to hunt, find shelter, and take care of themselves. Some breeds, like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas, would be in big trouble because they were bred to be so dependent on humans. Over time, dogs would return to a wild canid lifestyle, living in small family units and hunting for food. They would be happier and healthier if we gave them more agency and let them make choices for themselves.

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