YouTube Videos Distributing Malware via Highly Evasive Loader


YouTube Videos Distributing Malware via Highly Evasive Loader

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a new malware loader, in2al5d p3in4er, which is used to deliver the Aurora information stealer malware.

The malicious software is distributed through YouTube videos and fake cracked software download websites.

The loader is designed to evade detection by querying the vendor ID of the graphics card installed on a system and using Embarcadero RAD Studio to generate executables for multiple platforms.

The loader is also capable of injecting the malicious payload into a legitimate process, and is suspected to be developed by a Russian hacktivism group.

The malware is being spread using social engineering methods, and is one of many malicious loaders used to push information stealers disguised as popular software.

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