Goldoson Android Malware Infects Over 100 Million Android Devices


Goldoson Android Malware Infects Over 100 Million Android Devices

Malware strain Goldoson has been found in over 60 apps on the Google Play Store, with a combined 100 million downloads.

An additional 8 million downloads were tracked from a third-party app store in South Korea.

The malicious library is capable of gathering information about installed apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS locations, and can also perform ad fraud in the background.

36 of the apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, and the remaining have been updated to remove the malicious library.

A new Android banking trojan, Chameleon, is also active and targeting users in Australia and Poland.

To protect against such threats, users are urged to only download apps from trusted sources, scrutinize app permissions, use strong passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, and exercise caution when receiving SMS or emails from unknown senders.

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