You Won’t Believe How Cold The Coldest Place In The Universe Is!


You Won’t Believe How Cold The Coldest Place In The Universe Is!

#shorts #temperature #colder and colder temperatures #universe #Boomerang Nebula The coldest place in the universe is inside an alien lab, but we haven’t found it yet. On Earth, the coldest place is a few hundred atoms in a cloud, but if you want to study liquid helium, you need to cool things down a few degrees above absolute zero. The universe started out hot, but it cooled down as it expanded. The cosmic background radiation puts a 2.7 K (-455ยฐF) floor under temperatures everywhere. But in 1995 astronomers found something unexpected deep in the southern skies. The Boomerang Nebula is only 1 K (-458ยฐF), it’s so cold it absorbs energy from the cosmic background radiation. It’s thought to be so cold because it’s expanding ridiculously fast, but whatever is driving that expansion is not supplying much heat. And there’s another twist, if temperature is defined as the order within a system, then negative temperatures are possible. So, the coldest place in the universe is either the Boomerang Nebula or somewhere in the atmospheres of gas giant planets.

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