What is AGI, and why are AI experts skeptical?


What is AGI, and why are AI experts skeptical?

Professor Vishal Misra from Columbia University is an avid cricket and computer science fan.

He co-founded Cricinfo, a website for sports fans to stay updated on match statistics, now part of ESPN.

In 2021, he developed a search tool using GPT-3 that allows cricket fans to search the Cricinfo database with conversational queries.

Misra is excited to explore the new OpenAI release, GPT-4, which can solve equations, draw diagrams, and analyze data, but sometimes fails at simple tasks.

Microsoft Research has released a paper on GPT-4, claiming it is an example of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

This paper focuses on GPT-4’s ability to do better than humans on standardized tests and its wide range of capabilities, while also being candid about its limitations.

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