NSO Group Used 3 iPhone Exploits Against Human Rights Defenders


NSO Group Used 3 iPhone Exploits Against Human Rights Defenders

NSO Group, a spyware maker, deployed at least three exploits against iPhones in 2022 to infiltrate Apple defenses and deploy Pegasus, a sophisticated cyber weapon used to extract sensitive information from a device.

It is typically used for law enforcement but has been illegally used by authoritarian governments to spy on human rights defenders, journalists, and dissidents.

Apple filed a lawsuit against the company and it was added to the U.S. trade blocklist in late 2021.

In July 2022, the exploit was used against Thai activists and human rights defenders in Mexico using three exploits.

Lockdown Mode was able to block one attack, but NSO Group may have figured out a way to bypass it.

The New York Times also uncovered Mexico’s use of Pegasus to target human rights defenders.

Jamf Threat Labs also found evidence of a human rights activist and a journalist being targeted with spyware.

The U.K. National Cyber Security Centre warned of the growing threat of commercial cyber tools.

It is recommended to apply the latest operating system updates, upgrade devices, and enable Lockdown Mode to protect against spyware attacks.

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