Wanted Dead or Alive: Lateral Movement Protection in Real Time


Wanted Dead or Alive: Lateral Movement Protection in Real Time

Lateral movement is a tactic used by cybercrime organizations and nation-state operators that is now accessible to any ransomware threat actor.

It is the process of a compromise of a single endpoint becoming the compromise of additional workstations and servers in the targeted environment, and is used in over 80% of ransomware attacks.

There is currently no tool in the security stack that can detect and prevent lateral movement in real-time, making it a critical risk to every organization.

Silverfort is the first Unified Identity Protection platform that can extend MFA to any resource, regardless of whether it natively supports MFA or not.

It also automates the creation of policies for service accounts, and can send alerts or block access whenever a deviation from standard activity is detected.

Silverfort provides the first real-time protection against lateral movement, making it finally within reach.

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