500,000 devices infected by Vietnamese threat actor using ‘malverposting’ tactics


500,000 devices infected by Vietnamese threat actor using ‘malverposting’ tactics

A Vietnamese threat actor has been found to be behind a malicious campaign, known as malverposting, that has infected over 500,000 devices worldwide over the past three months.

The attack involves the adversary creating business profiles and hijacking popular accounts to serve ads that claim to offer free downloads, which are actually executable files that deploy stealer malware to harvest account data.

The majority of the infections have been reported in Australia, Canada, India, the U.K., and

the U.S.

The threat actor is actively refining and retooling their tactics to evade detection.

In addition, other malicious campaigns have been uncovered, such as phishing and malvertising, which are aimed at stealing user credentials and conducting tech support scams.

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