Tree of Life: Taking an axe to the Tree


Tree of Life: Taking an axe to the Tree

Taking an axe to the tree of life.

The sixth mass extinction, but it’s not just individual species that are being wiped out.

A new study has found that human activity is responsible for eliminating entire groups of species, in what they call a mutilation of the ‘tree of life’.

The Tasmanian tiger, Yangtze River dolphin, and passenger pigeon are some of the most recent species to go extinct, not only being members of their genera, the taxonomic rank above species in biological classification.

A human-made dent in our planet.

According to scientists from Stanford University and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, this is reflective of a much deeper crisis.

Out of 5,400 genera of land-dwelling vertebrate animals examined, 73 have gone extinct since 1500 CE, and the current rate of genus extinction is 35 times greater than the last million years.

This constitutes a crisis.

The study also argues that humans have caused biological annihilation

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