The Piltdown Man: Bones and Bones


The Piltdown Man: Bones and Bones

In 1912, amateur archaeologist Charles Dawson makes a sensationalist announcement about finding an important discovery in Piltdown Village, Sussex, England.

In truth, he just found a mildly human-like fragment of skull.

In fact, what he found was more ape-like fragments of skull and teeth.

What’s more, the jawbone is missing the one joint that would have settled whether the bones belonged to the same creature as the man who lived 500,000 years ago.

A team of scientists from the Natural History Museum at the British Geological Society presents the bones at a meeting that same year.

For a while, everyone thinks this discovery is evidence of a missing link between humans and our ancestors.

But decades later, dating methods show that the bones are not the same age.

Moreover, the bones have been altered so that they look like weightier, fossilized bones.

This all leads to the conclusion that someone hoaxed the whole discovery and planted the bones.

The team names

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