TikTok Search Results Page Feature


TikTok Search Results Page Feature

TikTok search results pages may soon have a link to Google results.

According to an app researcher named Radu Oncescu, the company is testing a feature that allows search results from Google in some markets.

The Verge has also seen evidence of this in a court case against Google filed by the US Department of Justice.

The government alleges that Google has unlawfully held on to its search dominance through expensive deals with companies like Apple that keep Google as the default search engine on products.

TikTok didn’t immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment, but confirmed to Insider that it’s testing the feature in certain markets.

The addition of Google results linked in the TikTok app is just the latest example of the shortform video app leaning into search.

Earlier this month we noticed that we had noticed that TikTok had quietly been adding Wikipedia snippets that link directly to the site.

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