Phoneutria nigriventer


Phoneutria nigriventer

A new alternative to Viagra is being developed with the help of spider venom.

Yep, scientists have actually created a synthetic version of the molecule and are using it to treat men with erectile dysfunction.

It’s called BZ371A and it’s derived from the venom of a banana spider.

If you get bitten by one, you may experience pain, dizziness, cramps, profuse sweating, weakness, and changes in heart rate.

But if you’re male, getting a bite from the spider can also cause priapism, a condition where the penis remains erect for hours, even though it seems like it might seem like it’s harmless.

The good news is that this condition can be treated with a topical solution that rubs onto the penis and allows blood to flow to the area.

The bad news?

It has a lot of nasty side effects, some of which could even be fatal.

Brain Snack: In 1816, Queen Elizabeth I of England published an

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