This AI Wrote 95 Percent of a Murder Mystery


This AI Wrote 95 Percent of a Murder Mystery

Gus Dupin saw the motorboat come up on Stony Lake.

He was a Peggy Firmin scholar, but he had been so cut off in his cottage that he hadn’t heard the news of her passing.

Learning of Peggy’s death was like learning about the death of an old lover.

The apparent murder of Peggy FirMIN should horrify anyone who cares about language.

concludes the chapter with the famous line, Peggy Firmin will present her own eulogy, so you know it’ll be a good one.

This is probably not the best way to say this, but it perfectly describes Gus Dupin’s mood at the time of the story’s publication.

He says that learning of Peggy Firsmin’s death would be like learning something about an old love.

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