AI Novels: The Future of Literature?


AI Novels: The Future of Literature?

ChatGPT lets the author input a single line of text and have it generate an infinite number of outputs.

If the writer doesn’t like what ChatGPT writes, he can edit or ask for another one.

For example, the author could ask ChatgPT to prove that a character in his sci-fi story is a member of the Merry Men.

This would be very easy.

The author could just ask chatgPT whether the character in the story belongs to the merry men.

In fact, this is the only way an author could possibly compose a novel with LLMs since they are so few and far between.

These slippages in the text are byproducts not only of the LLM’s idiosyncrasies but of a human author’s process in composing a novel WITH LLMs.

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