The Senate’s hearing on AI regulation was too friendly


The Senate’s hearing on AI regulation was too friendly

The most unusual thing about this week’s Senate hearing on AI was how affable it was.

Many people think that the hearing suggests we’re headed into an era of industry capture in AI.

Its launch of image and text generation tools like ChatGPT and deals with Microsoft to remake Bing have sent shockwaves through the entire tech industry.

Yet, industry representatives at the hearing were often drawn attention to hypothetical future harms of AI and, in the process, gave scant attention to known problems AI already enables.

This focus on future harms is a common rhetorical sleight of hand among AI industry figures, says West.

Industry figures often stress future evils of AI to avoid talking about current problems, he says.


Now’s West says this focus on possible harms has become a common rhetorical sleightOf Hand among AIindustry figures.

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