The Reign of Bad Magic in Cyber Espionage Goes Back Over a Decade


The Reign of Bad Magic in Cyber Espionage Goes Back Over a Decade

Bad Magic, also known as Red Stinger or simply Bad Magic, has been active for much longer than previously thought.

According to Kaspersky, its spear-phishing operations date back to December 2020, but earlier this month, Malwarebytes discovered at least five waves of espionage attacks mounted by the group dating back to Dec. 2020.

The deeper insight shared by kaspersky connects Bad Magic to prior activity based on combing through historical telemetry data, allowing the company to identify various artifacts associated with the CloudWizard framework from 2017 to 2020.The threat actor responsible for these operations has demonstrated a persistent and ongoing commitment to cyber espionage, continuously enhancing their toolset and targeting organizations of interest for over 15 years, Kasperssky researcher Georgy Kucherin said.

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