API Security: Are Your APIs Leaking Sensitive Data?


API Security: Are Your APIs Leaking Sensitive Data?

Hackers are exploiting APIs to gain access to and exfiltrate sensitive data.

Without an accurate API inventory and insight into sensitive data traffic, you cannot adequately address potential vulnerabilities and data leakage.

Adhering to compliance regulations When you consider the increasing amount of data being collected and stored, satisfying data privacy regulations is equally important as securing sensitive data.

Whether you realize it or not, your organization’s sensitive data is traversing APIs.

Protecting APIs is the only tangible strategy if you are serious about protecting your sensitive data and staying compliant with data privacy laws.

That’s right, hackers are increasingly exploiting APIsTo make a long story short, vendors should comply with all data privacy rules and ensure that their APIs are secure.

It’s the only way to protect your data and stay compliant.

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