The Canberra grassland earless dragon


The Canberra grassland earless dragon

#shorts #species #Colossal Biosciences #Victoria #earless dragons This story opens with a little lizard called Tympanocryptis pinguicolla, otherwise known as the Victorian grassland earless dragon. Conservationists are so excited they enlisted the help of Colossal Biosciences, a company famous for trying to restore extinct species. Why? Well, there was no confirmed sightings of this particular dragon in Victoria for more than 50 years, and not even unconfirmed ones for 30. That’s how long it’s been gone. But after seeing a resurrected population of these lizards, conservationists know they won’t last much longer without help, so they enlist Colossal’s help. The company has already helped to breed some of the Australian earless dragons, so now they’re

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