Superatomic Exciton-Polaron


Superatomic Exciton-Polaron

#shorts #material #semiconductors #energy transport #quasiparticle This story opens with a description of semiconductors. Most of the material discussed in this article is silicon, which underpin most of our technology. However, they are not without their limitations. One of these limitations might have been overcome in a new kind of semiconductor called Re 6 Se 8 Cl 2 . The new material in question is made of rarer elements such as Rhenium, Selenium, and Chlorine and it is known by the chemical formula Re 6Se 8 Cl2 . It has properties that make it the best semiconductor yet when it comes to energy transport. This new quasiparticle allows information and energy transfer at a speed twice that of silicon. It does not need to be cooled very

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