Soy Sauce Refrigerator – Soy Sauce


Soy Sauce Refrigerator – Soy Sauce

#shorts #soy sauce #bottle #food #Advertisement Advertisement Salt As a super-salty, super-salted food, soy sauce can be safely stored at room temperature for several months, perhaps even more, but there are a few scenarios where it might be a good idea to put this keystone condiment in the refrigerator. Soy sauce is made by fermenting steamed soybeans and roasted wheat grain with specific molds, such as Aspergillus oryzae or A. sojae, then brewing them with salt brine. The product is then pressed to produce a liquid condiment, perfect for adding a rich umami flavor to food. Salt is a natural preservative and preservative agent against microorganisms. Since soy sauce has an extremely high salt content, only

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