Senate Session: The Senate Session


Senate Session: The Senate Session

The Senate is hosting a big, open-door AI forum hosted by the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and more than 17 other prominent people.

The problem is that it’s facilitating the wrong conversation.

Artificial intelligence is only helping politicians to create believable fictions that appeal to our most base biases before the same technology is deployed to bring the dark uses of tech into the light of our social media feeds.

Politicians need to find a way to verify what they’re seeing on the web before using it in their campaigns.

In the process, whether you agree with the process or not doesn’t matter.

But people don’t believe in the process and they don’t trust the result.

Facts are increasingly a quaint notion fading in our collective rearview.

Americans live in different political universes.

Some 69 percent of Republicans now believe US President Joe Biden lost in 2020, while over 90 percent of the GOP thinks news outlets intentionally publish lies.

Over 85 percent of Democrats

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