AI Insight Forum in New York City


AI Insight Forum in New York City

The Senate conducts one of many “insight forums” to inform potential rulemaking.

This one focuses on regulation that balances innovation and safety.

It is closed to the public and media, but some tech leaders speak to reporters outside.

Senators include Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Nvidia president Jensen Huang, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and X chair Elon Musk.

The forum was important to understand more of the technology and to understand how the government wants to create rules around the technology.

But critics felt that it was a way for tech giants to influence policies.

Some of the lawmakers sent a letter to large AI companies demanding answers about the working conditions of the human workers who help train and moderate AI models.

Many of the comments made at the forum were in the negative, as Big Tech companies involved in AI called for regulation advocated for regulation, leaving behind smaller companies in their wake.

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