Ruckus Wireless Flaw Used in Widespread Attack via Andoryu Botnet


Ruckus Wireless Flaw Used in Widespread Attack via Andoryu Botnet

Andoryu, a botnet that attempts to use a flaw in the Ruckus wireless admin panel to gain access to devices, has been found.

Andoryu was first discovered by Chinese cybersecurity firm QiAnXin.

It uses DDoS attack modules for different protocols and communicates with its command-and-control server using SOCKS5 proxies.

Fortinet FortiGuard Labs researcher Cara Lin says the latest campaign commenced in late April 2023.RapperBot Botnet Adds Crypto Mining to its List of CapabilitiesThe alert follows the discovery of new versions of the RapperBot DDoS botnet which incorporate cryptojacking functionality to profit off compromised Intel x64 systems by dropping a Monero crypto miner.

A newly discovered botnet called Andoryuu has also been found to exploit the now-patched critical security flaw CVE-2023-6738.

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