Penguins Outnumber Europeans in Ability to Use Google Bard


Penguins Outnumber Europeans in Ability to Use Google Bard

Although Google already offers chatbots in more countries than the U.S., many Europeans still don’t have access to them.

For example, none of them can get access to its chatbot, Bard, which is available in Finland, the Γ…land Islands, an autonomous region of Finland, as well as the Norwegian territories of Jan Mayen and Svalbard.

Similar laws may also be holding up the rollout of generative AI systems in the EU.

Facebook parent Meta recently chose not to launch BlenderBot, its generative artificial intelligence chatbot native to the EU, despite being available in over 180 countries and territories across the world.

Google Bard, the search giant’s ChatGPT rival, is already available in 180 countriesand territories.

The 450 million people living in the European Union are still unable to access Bard, or any of the company’s other generativeAI technologies.

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