A Plundering AI Caught Red-Handed in a Sex Trope


A Plundering AI Caught Red-Handed in a Sex Trope

ChatGPT is an example of a generative AI that can make art, write books, and compose poetry .

But what if there were a sex trope in fanfiction?

That would be one way to tell whether ChatGPT was trained on fanfiction.

The trope in question is called the Omegaverse, which is perhaps best described as an act of collective sexual worldbuilding.

To be clear, what this means is that the AI model that is being used across the world for everything from customer service, to HR training, to journalism, knows what knotting is.

Or, if you want to know whether these systems are trained on Fanfiction, you might give the model a specific trope unique to fandom.

This means that the scene in question involves the creation of worlds in the Omegaverse.

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