Nvidia Is the First $1 Trillion Company Thanks to the AI Boom


Nvidia Is the First $1 Trillion Company Thanks to the AI Boom

Nvidia has just become a $1 trillion company, thanks to its role in creating artificial intelligence tools for companies.

Its stock price now opens at over $400 per share, bringing the company’s overall valuation beyond $1 Trn for the first time.

Nvidia made many AI announcements during the Computex 2023 keynote including a demo of a new game engine for games that supports natural language input and responses and a new supercomputer built around its GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip capable of an exaflop of GPU performance.

The Nasdaq reports that Nvidia’s shares jumped 25 percent last week, and premarket trading Tuesday morning had the stock hitting up to $404.91, a gain of about 4 percent, as reported by Bloomberg.

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