Apple’s Burying of its Past Leads to Its Future Success


Apple’s Burying of its Past Leads to Its Future Success

In September 1989, according to a news article, Apple buried about 2,700 unsold Lisa computers in Logan.

The Logan Landfill, home of the last Lisas.

But the main character in our story of theLast Lisas is a former computer salesman named Bob Cook.

What possessed Apple to change its mind about the deal and destroy the Lisas he was selling?

It’s a remarkable tale that helps explain how Apple became the historically profitable tech leviathan that it is today.

And hey, it’s narrated by none other than Bob Cook, who you might remember as the guy who sold iPhones back in the early days of the company.

So there you have it.

That’s one way to tell a story like that.

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