Mummified Frogs: The Ancient Egyptians’ Secret Pet?


Mummified Frogs: The Ancient Egyptians’ Secret Pet?

#shorts #mummified frogs #life #frog-headed goddess #Frogs Ancient Egyptians were into some weird stuff, like mummifying frogs. But it makes sense when you consider that they worshipped a frog-headed goddess of fertility named Heqet. And since frogs are associated with water, which is necessary for crops to grow, it’s no wonder that frogs were often buried with the dead as magical amulets to ensure rebirth. But even though mummified frogs are pretty strange, they’re no match for the ten crocodile mummies that archaeologists discovered earlier this year. One of those crocs was over 11 feet long! So next time you’re feeling down, just remember that even in the afterlife, Ancient Egyptians were taking some major flexes on us.

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