Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Try a Little Advertising


Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Try a Little Advertising

Elon Musk finally shows some interest in advertising, now that he owns Twitter.

Tesla has long been a holdout on traditional advertising, and has found growth only through word of mouth.

But now Musk seems to have discovered the importance of the advertising business, especially since he bought Twitter.

Musk says in a shareholder meeting that Twitter is highly dependent on advertising, so, here I am, never used advertising really before, and now have a company that’s highly dependent on advertisement.

Musk also points out that Tesla could benefit from advertising by shedding light on features people may not know about, Musk said.

In other words, ads might be able to make a profit for Tesla if they can show people all the cool new features people didn’t know about before.

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