ChatGPT Is Exactly What Humans Need—and Unoriginal


ChatGPT Is Exactly What Humans Need—and Unoriginal

Dr. Barlow and Wollstonecraft present a case study to a class of 60 students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In the case study, they pretend to be teachers or administrators at a school and design a course of action to prevent bullying.

The students find that their proposed solutions sound exactly like what the school would implement.

They begin to realize that it is possible to both respect the law and to refuse it, if sufficient collective power has been established.

[Emphasis is in the original text]This is one of several examples of how individuals can use their individual power to resist oppression without violating the rights they have been born to believe are owed to them by society as a whole.

This chapter also demonstrates that consenting adults can sometimes come up with better solutions than the ones that society has been offering for years.

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