You’ve Never Heard of These 10 Amazing Dinosaurs!


You’ve Never Heard of These 10 Amazing Dinosaurs!

#shorts #Therizinosaurus #incredible claws #favorite dinosaur #display Have you heard of the punk rock dinosaur Bajadasaurus with its mohawk of backwards neck spikes? Or Therizinosaurus, the Edward Scissorhands of the dino world with its giant claws? And don’t forget about Kosmoceratops, the β€œhorniest” dinosaur of all time with its 15 horns on its head. These are just a few of the many lesser-known dinosaurs that are so cool you really should know about them. So next time someone asks you about your favorite dinosaur, don’t be basic – tell them about Bajadasaurus, Therizinosaurus, or Kosmoceratops!

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