Youll Never Sea A Giant Squid At The Aquarium


Youll Never Sea A Giant Squid At The Aquarium

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #giant squid #aquarium #captive animals #deep sea #ethics Folks, unless you’re keen on watching a bus-sized mollusk slowly lose its mind in a tank, you can kiss your dreams of getting close to a live giant squid goodbye. These deep-sea dwellers need dark, freezing waters and mystery to thrive. Trying to keep one of these massive squid captives would be an ethical nightmare – and good luck finding one and bringing it back alive in the first place. So while we get the appeal of wanting to lock eyes with a dinner plate-sized peeper, when it comes to giant squid, observers will just have to respect their need for privacy. The ocean’s secrets must remain secret, so don’t be greedy – just let that Architeuthis be.

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