You Won’t Believe What’s Replacing Zoos!


You Won’t Believe What’s Replacing Zoos!

#shorts #zoos #conservation #biodiversity #captivity Zoos are in trouble! That’s right, the folks at Born Free are saying that zoos are not doing a good job of conserving species and educating the public. And they’re calling for a new approach that focuses on restoring habitats and protecting biodiversity. Chris Packham, a well-known naturalist, is on board with the idea. He says that zoos are outdated and that we should let the animals in captivity die out. But Will Travers, the co-founder of Born Free, says that zoos can still play a role in conservation, but they need to do a better job. So, what’s the future of zoos? Join the discussion at the Beyond Zoos event on November 29th.

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