You Won’t Believe What’s On These 5 US Islands!


You Won’t Believe What’s On These 5 US Islands!

#shorts #largest island #US #Hawaii’s Big Island Hawaii #square kilometers Yo! Here are the five biggest islands in the US, from biggest to smallest: Hawaii’s Big Island, Kodiak Island, Puerto Rico, Prince of Wales Island, and Chichagof Island. Big Island is home to the world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa. Kodiak Island is the land of the Sugpiaq people and is home to its own subspecies of brown bear, the Kodiak bear. Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea and is home to a variety of tropical wildlife. Prince of Wales Island is in Alaska and was named after the Prince of Wales of England. And finally, Chichagof Island is also in Alaska and is home to a subspecies of brown bear known as the ABC Islands bear or Sitka brown bear.

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