“”You Won’t Believe What Scientists Found in the Ocean!””


“”You Won’t Believe What Scientists Found in the Ocean!””

#shorts #plastic rocks #colored rocks #pollution #impact Scientists have discovered plastic rocks! That’s right, folks, trash-loaded waves are crashing against rocky shores and turning them into plastic. These plasticrusts have been found in a variety of coastal regions, and they’re a pretty damning indication of how prolific plastic pollution has become. It’s estimated that there are over 171 trillion pieces of plastic in the seas, which is a gob-smacking statistic when you appreciate that plastic has only been widely used for a century. Plasticrust is also a clear sign that human activity is starting to profoundly impact the geological record. Scientists sometimes use the term Anthropocene, a proposed geological epoch that describes how humanity’s actions are changing the natural world. This includes everything from nuclear residue and greenhouse gas emissions to plastic pollution. So, the next time you’re feeling down, just remember that there’s plastic rock in the sea!

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