Womans Bionic Arm Melded To Bones


Womans Bionic Arm Melded To Bones

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #prosthetic #bionic #osseointegration #phantom pain #amputation #neural interface #titanium #AI #robotics #nervous system A Swedish woman got a fancy new bionic arm fused right to her bones that she can control with her mind! Karin lost her real arm years ago in a farming accident and had major phantom limb pain. But now with this totally rad robo arm screwed into her skeleton and hooked up to her nerves, she has an 80% reduction in pain and increased function. The arm is powered by a neural interface and titanium implants that bond with bone. Researchers call it promising but pricey tech that could help more amputees, assuming they don’t go all Winter Soldier. But for now it’s an uplifting story of human-machine integration literally down to the bone. Just try not to think about how they screw it in there.

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