Windows app reinstallation made easy with Microsoft’s new Dev Home


Windows app reinstallation made easy with Microsoft’s new Dev Home

Microsoft is making it easier for developers to set up and use Windows dev machines with Dev Home.

It uses the Windows Package Manager to generate a configuration file to install the apps, tools, and packages that developers need.

It also includes the ability to configure coding environments in the cloud using Microsoft’s Dev Box and GitHub Codespaces.

The Dev Home dashboard also includes GitHub integration.

Developers can add Dev Drive options to their environment setup for new Windows dev- machines.

Dev Home takes advantage of the fact that many enterprises now offer their own version of the Windows operating system with built-in support for creating and managing their own development environments using the WebExtend and other similar tools such as BitTorrent.

Additionally, the company has improved its support for writing code in the Cloud with tools like BitTorrent and Gritspaces.

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