Tibet’s Ancient Handprints: Not the World’s Oldest Art?


Tibet’s Ancient Handprints: Not the World’s Oldest Art?

#shorts #prints #researchers #age #panel Scientists once thought they found the oldest cave paintings in the world, but new evidence suggests the 200,000-year-old hand and footprints were actually made 1,300 years ago by Tibetan kids. The original researchers used a controversial dating method that’s been known to overestimate the age of artifacts. They also failed to take into account the fact that the travertine panel was exposed to the elements, which would have caused the uranium levels to increase. Plus, the two panels of prints are virtually identical, even though one is supposedly 20 times older than the other. And the Tibetan writing characters etched into the same panel of limestone suggest that the entire panel crystallized sometime in the past 1,300 years. So, it looks like the real story is that a couple of kids made some fun art on a rock, and then some other kids wrote their names next to it a thousand years later.

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