The Surprising Synergy Between Acupuncture and AI Health


The Surprising Synergy Between Acupuncture and AI Health

It’s not that there aren’t explanations for how the field of Chinese medicine works.

At various points along these meridians, needles can be inserted to remove blockages, improving the flow of qi.

All TCM treatments ultimately revolve around qi:

Acupuncture banishes unhealthy qi and circulates healthy qi from the outside; herbal medicines do so from the inside.

In contrast, the effectiveness of acupuncture, particularly for ailments like neck disorders and low back pain, is well-supported in modern scientific journals, she says.

Insurance companies are convinced and most of her mother’s patients come to her for acupuncture because it’s covered by New Zealand’s national insurance plan.

Most of my mother’s customers come to see her for acupuncturism because it’

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