The Sun’s ‘Doomsday’ Hole Is About To Send A Solar Storm To Earth


The Sun’s ‘Doomsday’ Hole Is About To Send A Solar Storm To Earth

#shorts #Sun #year cycle #magnetic field #teams prediction Yo, yo, yo! It’s ya boy, Sunspot, here to tell you about some crazy weather headed your way. A big ol’ coronal hole is sending a high-speed stream of solar wind our way, and it’s gonna cause some moderate geomagnetic storms. But don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Just some light flickering of the lights and maybe a few power outages. In other news, the sun is having a major growth spurt right now. It’s getting bigger and more active, and scientists are predicting that the next solar maximum will be in 2024. That means we can expect to see more big sunspots like this one. So keep an eye on the sky, and stay safe out there!

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