The Squishable Part of the Mummy


The Squishable Part of the Mummy

This guy died of Chagas disease, was unable to absorb proteins adequately in the months preceding his death, and was likely rendered immobile by his condition.

This is significant because someone would have had to bring him food resources, as well as attending to his daily needs.

An adult male from around 1,200 years ago has been found in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of South Texas.

He suffers from a fatal case of constipation that swells his colon up to six times its normal diameter.

The Skiles man also had an unusual amount of grasshoppers in his diet, evidence that he was well-cared for during his 35-45-year life.

However, his death would not have been pleasant.

When left exposed to the elements, a complex series of processes leads to the total dissolution of soft tissues and internal organs, which is why it is more common to find skeletons than mummies.

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