The Maunder Minimum: The Last Solar Year


The Maunder Minimum: The Last Solar Year

#shorts #Maunder Minimum #solar activity #Korean astronomical records #red equatorial aurora During the Maunder Minimum, solar activity had a 70-year lull, what little activity that did occur operated on a different timeline from the rest of history, Korean astronomical records reveal. The unexpected finding will force a rethink of what was considered a basic feature of solar behavior. According to new research, it takes about 11 years to reach the current level of solar activity. The sunspots, flares, and coronal mass ejections during this period show an eight-year cycle instead of the nine-year interval previously estimated. The study is based on data from Korean records of auroral activity. A red equatorial aurora occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field is weak enough to allow high energy particles from the Sun to penetrate

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