The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

US senators are proving to be very slow studies when it comes to the generative artificial intelligence tools that are poised to upend life as we know it, but they’ll be tested soon…

If their new private tutors are to be trusted.

In a historic first, yesterday upwards of 60 senators sat like school children in a private briefing where some 20 Silicon Valley CEOs, ethicists, academics, and consumer advocates prophesied about AI’s potential to upending, heal, or even erase life as he knew it.

There was consensus on the dais that the federal government’s regulatory might is needed.

At one point, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer asks his assembled guests if the government need to play a role in regulating AI.

Every single person raised their hand, even though they had diverse views, Schumer says.

So that gives us a message here: We have to try to act, as difficult as the process may be.

The devilish details are haunting, though.


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