The Dark Earth: The Story of Frank Rubio


The Dark Earth: The Story of Frank Rubio

This week’s edition of IFLScience brings you the latest news in the field of science.

Some new research suggests the Amazon rainforest was intentionally created by ancient cultures, some new findings suggest the alien mummies were alive and filled with eggs, and a deceased man has undergone complete mummification in less than 16 days.

Plus, there’s some talk that the End Times may be upon us.

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New Research Suggests The Amazon Rainforest Was Intended To Be Agricultural Produced By Ancient TribesNew research suggests this dark, fertile black soil in the Amazon is the result of ancient peoples using it to cultivate crops in the jungle over thousands of years.

Now We Know Where The Dark Earth Comes From New research also shows that the dark earth in the region may have been intentionally created during prehistoric times.

World’s Oldest Wooden Structure Possibly 476,000 Years OldArchaeologists believe they have found evidence of the world’s oldest wooden structure in Zamb

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