The AI Sculptor No One Expected: TextMesh is an AI Model That


The AI Sculptor No One Expected: TextMesh is an AI Model That

With each passing day, AI models continue to advance in their capabilities.

For example, we have seen AI models that can generate photorealistic 2D images from text prompts.

But what if we want to create 3D content?

Can an AI model be trained to generate realistic 3D meshes instead of just 2D files?MIT’s own diffusion models have been making progress in this area for some time.

However, when we add the third dimension and move to 3D generation, things start to get ugly.

The question then becomes: How can we design a model that can produce realistic 3d meshes without breaking the law of naturalness?The answer, unfortunately, is that we cannot trust our model to be completely accurate on its own, unless we give it training data.

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