Tech Support: When Will My Phone Stop Getting Updates?


Tech Support: When Will My Phone Stop Getting Updates?

#shorts #phone #updates #security #software #lifetime #operating system #vulnerabilities #support #patches #expiration Good evening, I’m Aria. Here’s something all smartphone users wonder: how long will my phone get security updates? Well folks, it depends on the manufacturer. Google and Samsung give security updates for 5 years, Apple for 1-2 years after software updates end, and Fairphone a whopping 8-10 years. Why’s it matter? Without security updates, your phone can’t protect you from new vulnerabilities and malware. So even if your phone still works in 5 years, your data may not be safe. The takeaway: check when your phone’s security updates expire and upgrade accordingly. Otherwise you’re carrying around a hackable device. Now you know when even that reliable old iPhone turns into an easy target for creeps and scammers. Stay safe out there, folks!

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