Supernova 1987A Supernova 1987A Supernova 1987A


Supernova 1987A Supernova 1987A Supernova 1987A

In February 1987, a star goes supernova in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

It is the closest known supernova since 1604, and has been studied with so many telescopes in so many different wavelengths.

The latest observation by the space telescope, the JWST, comes to a much better resolution than previously seen.

Supernova 1987A is notable for its central structure, a keyhole in the equatorial ring of gas and dust ejected during the supernova.

Crescent structures flanking the keyhole appear in the image, but the team still wants to know more about them.

Many mysteries still remain surround this supernova, chief among them the end product of this stellar explosion.

Astronomers believe a neutron star should have been left behind from this cataclysmic event, but it is yet to be detected.

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